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Welcome to Library Library Without Walls

Need a librarian for a short period of time or a small project?
Always wanted to get your books, compact disks, etc. in order?
Haven't found the answer yet and time is running short?
Need help searching for that long lost cousin?

What We Do

We offer services for your information needs by providing research and personalized searching---the average person doesn't naturally know how to search in depth.  People can locate information in many cases but the librarian is more experienced in information retrieval than the average individual or firm.  Clients simply are not aware of many of the avenues available to find the needed information. As information brokers we have honed research skills and perform online searching and library research.  We use a combination of online, offline, and physical search techniques depending on the clients' needs.  Online searching is not the only way of accessing information.

 We provide information for clients who don't have the time to find particular information that they need in a timely fashion in an era when there is so much information available.  We use our research skills to save you time. You and your information needs are important to us.

Provided Services

  • Conduct a reference interview to pinpoint your information needs
  •  On call information help--get the right answer quickly
  •  In-depth research and Internet searches for corporate or private projects
  • Private training in Internet searching and knowledge searching techniques
  • Web pages and other related services
  • Professional designing and printing of brochures and other informational materials
  •  Establish and organize productivity centers or libraries, for example; business or church
  •  Recommend databases available in specific subject areas
  •  Digitize your old photos and put in virtual photo albums
  • Instruction of software applications Conduct seminars in communication skills
  •  Genealogy searches

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