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New! Google Webmaster Tools.  Help by What I've learned.  Hints.  Beware when moving from Windows hosting to Linux!  See the new page

Linux sites are upper case / lower case specific, Windows is not

 Software as a Service and Cloud Computing advantages and disadvantages.  Review of software subscriptions.

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5 Minute video to get started quickly in Video Studio Pro

New: Windows 8 Review   Why we hate Windows 8 Also  Best Buy Return Policy Review 
We've just became aware that a government ID is now required for ALL Best Buy returns, refunds, adjustments and warranty service - You ID will be RECORDED in their 3rd party database
read our review

New! - Convert from Microsoft FrontPage to Microsoft Expression Web Help

New! - Hints and Tips about Domain Registrations

New - Privacy Elements on the Internet

New - Practices to Protect Your Privacy

Moving iTunes from an old Vista computer to a new Windows 7 computer

NEW! - Norton Internet Security 2010 Review

NEW! - Norton 360 v4 Review

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