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Crystal Tech Web Hosting Review - Our Best Host Company. 

Now known as the Webservices of the Small Business Authority

CrystalTech makes us happy, we love that CT is an American Hosting Company with American Employees - We have used Crystal Tech for over 5 years

We have used 9 or 10 different hosting companies over the last 11  years - CrystalTech is the best hosting company that we can imagine. Our goal here is to document our experiences, not the features offered by CT.  This review review is an honest evaluation. Also see our Godaddy Hosting Review

We've moved our sites to CrystalTech. an American hosting company, with American Employees.

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This CrystalTech review reflects our opinions and experiences and is not a technical review of CrystalTech's features and options -

 Read this Crystal Tech review first and please visit for technical information  This review is written because we are impressed with CT

(Switching hosts or considering a web host for a new domain?  If this review is helpful, as a courtesy, please use as the referral site if you decide to use CrystalTech.We get a small referral consideration.   Also see our Domain registration length of time recommendations.

New to managing a Website? We recommend CrystalTech hosting if you are a beginner.  The features are complete and best for the novice to learn.  Crystal Tech's shared hosting includes all the features you need to have a COMPLETE website.  If you are a beginner, Crystaltech has a full feature set for you to learn and optional complete features available as you become an expert

Things we like about Crystal Tech

New! 2010. Crystaltech has added new site builders that are thorough and versatile.  The site builders create forms and reduce the need to use front page forms.  These wizards are free, included in all plans.  Godaddy charges extra, a monthly fee, for similar wizards

  • Our sites are RELIABLE with CrystalTech.  Others seem to be saying the same - in our time with CrystalTech, the total sites hosted by CrystalTech has increased from less than 40,000 to over 100,000
  • We recommend CrystalTech hosting if you are new at being a webmasterEverything is included and managing the account: site builders, email and statistics are the best and simplest we've experienced.
  • We review Crystal Tech because service, support, web space and plan options are industry leading, and very competitive.
  • Each site includes Full Features (full web statistics, full email service, etc) without any 'add-on' costs
  • The price is excellent for Crystaltech's great level of hosting support and superior service.  Hosting plans start at just $5.95 a month. Free setup and months free with a some prepaid 12 month plan. (We do not recommend registering your domain name with any hosting company, including CrystalTech.  Please see the registration help page about choosing a registrar and / or registering your domain name)
  • We have NEVER had an extended, sustained or unresolved problem with CrystalTech!  Never, ever, in our whole time with CrystalTech.
  • CrystalTech's Web Site control panel and Webmail are easy to understand and use.
  • The CrystalTech control panel requires an  account number to log on - but the account number is short
  • Account site and billing management allows for up to 5 email addresses, i.e., we get notification from CrystalTech about issues at all 5 email addresses
  • CrystalTech webmail (web mail) is accessed simply by ""
  • Crystal Tech Web statistics are thorough.  And have recently gotten even better.  CrystalTech's traffic tools are extensive and easy to access
  • We've found that other web hosts charge extra for good statistical analysis - not CrystalTech
  • Calls to the CrystalTech support get a system engineer rather than a help desk or call center associate.
  • Turn around for problems is immediate or we are told how long the resolution will take.  If there is an issue we always get the response we expect within the time promised.
  • CrystalTech is an American Hosting Company with American Employees.  We always get live technical support 24/7/365.
  • We have never had to deal with extended hold times, off shore technical support, unintelligible accents, poor English or ineptness.
  • CrystalTech manages our expectations well.  Crystal Tech sends emails regarding problems that occurred (even though we do not know they happened) so we can analyze the impact on our sites and to our customers
  • Spam filtering is great- control panels, a knowledge base, and help screens make it easy
  • CrystalTech virus filtering is great for email accounts
  • Free Shopping Cart and site builders in many plans
  • We started by hosting 7 sites at CrystalTech (when one of our other hosts failed us). We've hosted as many as 28 domains simultaneously with Crystal Tech as of February 2010.
  • CrystalTech Microsoft SharePoint,, Dream Weaver, Macromedia ColdFusion and other web standards including still supporting Microsoft FrontPage.  Our goal here is to document our experiences, not the features offered. see the CrystalTech Website for full hosting features, hosting plan specifications and specific price
  • We've never found or incurred hidden or unexpected charges with Crystal Tech.
  • Discounts up to 30% are offered by CrystalTech when multiple sites are hosted under one account
  • CrystalTech hosting offers 50% discounts to not-for-profit organizations on one hosted site.
  • Other hosting companies have turned off our sites because we have missed emails about our need to change credit card numbers or expiration dates.  CrystalTech has the best policies of any hosting company that we have used, for notifying and giving time to update billing information
  • Even with its growth, Crystal Tech is not a mega company - ever try to get a complicated billing or service issue resolved at a company that is really big
  • Crystal Tech has an automated 'ticket management' system for reporting problems.  The actual technician response time on 'tickets' is usually under two hours.  In our time with CrystalTech we have always gotten responses under 2 hours.
  • When it has been necessary to call CrystalTech's technical support, the hold time has usually been under 5 minutes.
  • CrystalTech is our favorite host
  • Let us count the ways - Crystal Tech makes us happy - Crystal Tech has its act together
  • When we need full service hosting we use CrystalTech
  • Chrystal tech shared site space almost always fits our needs, within the allocated shared site space allocation.
  • We host some domains and sites with other hosting companys, both American and off shore.  Some of these sites are free and others are a dollar or a few cheaper a month than Crystal Tech - Bar none, Crystal tech is the better and best value because of their excellent reliability and superior service and talented support staff
  • We were beginners when we started using CrystalTech.  CT's support has always treated us with respect and has always been helpful with our stupid questions

CrystalTech has the highest referral rate of any hosting company and best reviews by bloggers and other web journalists.  This may be CT hype  but our experience with Crystal Tech reflects why and makes us support this view.  CT is really a terrific hosting company! Also see our Godaddy Hosting Review.  If this review is helpful, as a courtesy, please use as the referral site if you decide to use CrystalTech.We get a small referral consideration.

Things we DON'T like about CrystalTech

  • FTP space is limited - we've had to create sites with Godaddy when we need FTP space greater then 5 gigabytes
  • Because some of our sites are basic and minimally or non-revenue producing, we've had to move them to GoDaddy hosting (see review) to continue to support them
  • Shared plans have space allowcations that are less than competing ISP hosting sites (we have never had a problem with CrystalTech allocated space though)

If this review helps you, and you choose to sign up with CrystalTech, we would appreciate your entering as the referral site when you register.  It costs you nothing.  You'll get a great hosting company with exceptional service at a great price and we'll get a couple of bucks off our bill.

Still not sure?  Call CrystalTech Technical Support at 1-877-323-HOST (1-877-323-4678) and ask questions before you sign up.  The call will likely convince you. (We highly recommend you call tech support of any new host before you sign up - you will get a sample of the support you are likely to receive when you are a customer). If you do not find a convenient tech support number on the hosts home page - do not consider them.

And a note on your bill:  Do not over-subscribe to CrystalTech or whatever host you choose.  We have one Crystal Tech Front Page site with over 1500 pages: 1200 full size photo pages, text pages, a  registration form and several short movies.  The site has an average of almost 5000 visitors a month.  The site space used and bandwidth used is less than two thirds of the maximum permitted on Crystal Tech's $8.95 per month shared personal plan.

Just Starting? Your site and most of our other sites work on CT's $5.95 monthly value plan

Just so you know, we also use Crystaltech's other, more expensive plans; some of our clients use Crystaltech's SharePoint hosting plans, Crystaltech's ASP hosting plans and others

Domain Registration Hints * Domain Registration and recommendations has been moved to here, to a new page


Crystal Tech is our favorite Web Hosting Company


- Simply we can not think of a better hosting company

- We are so impressed with CrystalTech that we bough some stock in the company


We are impassioned by CrystalTech because of its excellent service, low prices.

We believe that your experiences will be the same. 

 If they are not, we would like to hear about it info at

Our registrar of choice is Godaddy - see our short Godaddy review on this page .  See our Godaddy Review too

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CrystalTech is an American Hosting Company Godaddy  is an American Registrar . 

See our review of Godaddy Hosting  

Our superb experience with CrystalTech makes us not need to use anyone else when we need comprehensive features (statistics, full service email We are not selling anything here.

We only take time to write reviews when we find exceptional value, exceptional service

 Or when we feel short changed, cheated, taken advantage of, or feel ripped off.

  This review is our opinion or a reflection of our experiences.

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