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Reviews of other hosts that we have experience with.

Our Purehost Review and other hosting experiences

See our CrystalTech Review - CrystalTech makes us happy,   Crystal Tech is now known as The Small Business Authority.

Purehost does not.  Also, a short Godaddy review and new - a Vonage Review here.  All of these are honest reviews and our opinions

Best Buy Return Policy Review 
We've just became aware that a government ID is now required for ALL Best Buy returns and the ID is RECORDED by Best Buy
read our review -
we appologize but hate it so much we posted this interrupt on many of our pages


Pure host?  Not thought so by us.  We apologize to our customers for our short tenure with the hosting company, Purehost.  We've moved our sites to  CrystalTech.  See the Crystal Tech review page

(Purehost, Hypermart, Xeran, Bizland, Appsitehosting (Appsite or Appsite Hosting), Bluebox, (Blue Box) Entryhost, and others, are subsidiaries of Endurance International Group - It is a holding company; an acquisition firm, an investment company.  Appsitehosting / Purehost are new names under this group (is Vericenter a parent company or part of this group too?)

In addition to Purehost, other hosting company names that may be owned by Endurance International Group are AccountSupport, DomainHost, eHost, FreeYellow, HostYourSite, IMOutDoorsHosting, USANetHosting, VirtualAvenue, FatCow and YourHostingAccount.  There may be more company brands and the acquisitions seem to be continuing.

Search the web and you may  find many who have had the same experience with Purehost, Hypermart, Xeran, Appsitehosting and others acquired by the Endurance International Group.  (Appsitehosting and Purehost claim to have been in the hosting business since 1996 or1997 - why cannot we find links beyond for theses companies with dates before 2004?).

Appsitehosting :

On the initial move in December 2003,  from Dellhost, Appsitehosting (Appsite, another Endurance International Group company) provided reasonable support to their shared hosting customers when the transition was made from Dellhost. 

  • Appsitehosting charged our clients for domain registration renewals on 3 of our sites even though those sites were originally registered, in late 2003, and paid for 1 year or more when the sites were created on Dellhost.
  • Appsitehosting took over the web hosting from Dellhost. 15 months after the sale of the Dellhost accounts to Appsite Hosting / Purehost you can still not register on the web, you have to call the company to set up an account.
  • Appsitehosting failed to prepare its shared hosting customers to the move to Purehost - we knew little about the move until 3 weeks before it was done.  Appsite emails told us there would be little impact with the move.  Boy were they wrong. 

At the time that Purehost acquired the Dellhost accounts, reported that data was permanently lost  by vericenter in the conversion  We are thankful that our experience with Purehost was less severe.

Purehost (again):

The move to Purehost was a disaster for this site and every one of the 7 shared website domains we managed at the time of the move.  Mail did not work, web statistics did not work, autoresponders did not work, Front Page extensions did not work and the site was out of date as our pages were moved from Dellhost / Appsitehosting and un-updatable for 2 week

There are many and multiple reasons that we do not use these hosts.  And even though five years have past, we do not believe that companys affiliated or owened by Endurance International Group are worth trying out as hosts

If you wish to see our aged opinions for the Purehost and Endurance International review click here for the archive.  Our experience was so bad that we have avoided Web Hosting Companies under the Endurance International Group Umbrella for 5 years.


 We are now with (CrystalTech or Crystal Tech), an American hosting company, and are happy! See our Crystaltech Review  

 If our reviews are helpful and you choose to sign up with CrystalTech, we would appreciate your entering as the referral site.  You'll get a great hosting company with exceptional service at a great price and we'll get a couple of bucks off our bill. 


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- It is our opinion that hosting services and support by PureHost, and other companies owned by Endurance Internation Group  is unsatisfactory.  We belive others IP's are better

- It is our opinion that these Hosts should be avoided



We choose and have changed to an American Hosting Company - Crystaltech see our review

Our PhotoImpact and CorelDraw Review

Our Vonage and Digital Phone VOIP review

We only take time to write reviews when we find exceptional value, exceptional service

Or when we feel short changed, taken advantage of, or feel ripped off. 

This review is our opinion or a reflection of our experiences.

 We are not selling anything here.

We feel taken advantage of by Dell, Dellhost, Appsitehosting and Endurance International. 

We do not want anyone to have the same experiences. 

Write us if you have passionately different opinions info at

 Godaddy  is an American Registrar . 

 See our review of Godaddy Hosting

  Our superb experience with CrystalTech makes us not need to use anyone else when we need comprehensive features (statistics, full service email