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Godaddy Hosting Review

GoDaddy makes us happy for its excellent service and inexpensive hosting plans. We use GoDaddy when we need economy and sites with limited features.

We recommend GoDaddy Hosting for basic and inexpensive hosting but we continue to use Crystal Tech when we need comprehensive features that are complete and simple to manage.  We want your to find a good Web Host. These are our opinions and hope they help you make a choice.

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Things we like about GoDaddy hosting:

  • We use GoDaddy hosting because customer service, customer support, and web space options are amongst the best in the industry.
  • The price of basic hosting is extremely competitive
  • There are no hosting site set-up fees
  • Multiple domains can be shared under one account.  Using other hosts we had to have an account for each website
  • Calls to the GoDaddy get support get a system engineer rather than a help desk or call center associate.
  • GoDaddy is an American Hosting Company with American Employees.  We always get live technical support 24/7/365.
  • We have never had to deal with extended hold times, ineptness, unintelligible accents, poor English or off shore technical support.
  • Free Shopping Cart and site builders in many plans
  • Credit for free services (free sites, email, and other services) are added to your account balance as you purchase domains, hosting etc)
  • You can upgrade (or downgrade) hosting plans when you need more (or less) space, bandwidth, or  features. GoDaddy applies credit to new plan for the unused portion of the old plan
  • GoDaddy offers both Windows and Linux hosting plans
  • DNS control is complete and comprehensive (for website beginners, this is how you point your registered domain to GoDaddy hosting or other hosting company hosting)
  • There are a multitude of Free Add-ons such as DotNetNuke etc
  • "Solution plans" such as "Website Tonight", "Photo Gallery, and others can provide easy solutions for beginners

Things we don't like about GoDaddy Hosting

  •  Hosting plans are not comprehensive and do not include all the basic features to get a web site going - i.e., email and thorough web statistics
  • Options (add-on costs) are endless
  • Managing the various components is confusing, each component has its own interface, user menus and so on.
  • The main GoDaddy site is extremely dense and too "busy"  Until we started frequently using GoDaddy for site hosting and multiple features, we had to call Tech Support (or spend much too much time looking) to find where to make necessary changes
  • Creating a simple site registration form is confusing and not easily figured out especially when you are not using FrontPage
  • Managing individual features (DNS control, Hosting Account, Email Account and others) opens new browser windows and websites.  This causes your main window to timeout and loss of logon to the main account window.
  • "Free" credits are converted to paid charged options once the time-limit of the credit expires.  "Free" credits cannot be applied to options when their renewal time is do
  • Multiple sites hosted under one account are actually 'sub-sites' that require the same email account, and logon and password.
  • These sub sites cannot have individual email forms or web statistics - these options go under the 'main' account for the hosting plan
  • Email account management is messy.  The multiple user account email add-on is confusing to use and not directly related to multiple domains hosted under one account
  • Discounts or Advertised prices are usually not given on renewals or domain registrations, web hosting, and so on
  • "Solution Plans" are very limited in their versatility.  We preferred to use Google's free Picasa, for example, to create our photo galleries and then tweak them in our web editor (Microsoft Expression Web - see review).

And a note on your bill:  Do not over-subscribe to GoDaddy or whatever host you choose.  We have 8 GoDaddy Front Page sites with over 500 pages, photo pages, text pages under one "Deluxe" hosting account.

Just starting as a webmaster or hosting a new site? We recommend you go with CrystalTech

If your domain name choice is available today, register it with GoDaddy today!  Tomorrow it may be gone.  This has happened to us.

Need Domain Registration Hints? - See our CrystalTech Review and our Registration Help Page



Expired Domain or is the domain registration expiring soon? Beware - if you let your registration pass its expiration date, an "after market" company will likely register your domain name to try to sell it at a premium price to you or someone else.


Godaddy Review


- Godaddy has inexpensive hosting that easily lets you use the hosting plan for multiple domains

- "Free Credits" are given for optional products when you buy hosting products

- Godaddy Customer service is 24 / 7 / 365 with American Support staff in Arizona

- Godaddy offers multiple productivity add-ons such as Wordpress, DotNetNuke and many more

- Godaddy hosting plans are NOT comprehensive with complete features

- Solution plans are available for  beginners but their versatility is limited

- Form support is poor

- Godaddy hosting is best for the experienced web master


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