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New! Help with Google Webmaster Tools.

Moving from Windows Hosting to Linux.  Beware!  See the Help with Google page

Review Intel CPUs versus AMD Processors on the review index page


Updated:  CorelDraw Review.  Best Alternative to Adobe Creative Cloud PhotoShop and Adobe Illustrator

iTunes 11 Help moving to a new computer

The iTunes DJ is not an option in iTunes 11. How to create your own DJ

Windows 8 Review

Software as a Service and Cloud Computing advantages and disadvantages.  Review of software subscriptions. Adobe is going to a subscription only business model

Microsoft Cancels Expression Web Development. See our Expression Web review.  The Expression Web Software is now Free

NEW! RCN Cable TV and Internet Review

Corel Video Studio Pro X5 Review  We highly recommend it

5 Minute video to get started quickly in Video Studio Pro.  We actually use this software

Best Buy Return Policy Review 
Government ID now required for ALL returns - Best Buy demands it is recorded in their data base and will not give you service without it.  Updated 2012

Time Warner Internet Service Review -
Road Runner Cable Modem Service in NYC and NJ (New York and New Jersey) - Revised  

Revised - Adobe Premeire Elements Review and Adobe Photoshop Elements Review - Our opinion? Wait until Adobe Elements gets it right (they haven't in the last 3 versions

CorelDraw 2019 and Corel Photo-Paint 2019 Review

revised - Crystal Tech Review also known as The Small Business Authority Web Hosting Review. and Vonage® Review and Sony CD DRM Spyware / Rootkit and PhotoImpact Review

Purehost? Pure host? Checkout out our Purehost Review, our Crystaltech Review and opinions of other hosting companies - See our new review about PhotoImpact and CorelDraw. Also see how to choose a Domain Registrar on our Godaddy / Crystaltech review page. Review Godaddy? We recommend them!

We only take the time to write reviews here when get exceptional quality or when we get terrible service or feel like we are ripped off

Time Warner Internet Service Review - Road Runner Cable Modem Service in NYC and NJ (New York and New Jersey) - new  

Independent Contractors and Consultants working with you on a private and personal level.

Check our our hosting reviews for opinions about Purehost, CrystalTech and other hosting companies consultants provide knowledge, service, information and design solutions according to your needs and design.

  • Weekend Cook and Caterer - NYC Metro Area including Long Island - Great Services for your home and summer home and parties. Pao de queijo
  • Computer services, your personal help desk for computer management, web pages and digital assistance
  • Gifts, objets d'art and jewelry designed by you and created in precious metals
  • Library research services and information management for personal and small businesses 
  • Links to our friends who offer private and professional services
  • Prorganize!

  • Manhattan and surrounding areas in New York
  • Milwaukee Metro
  • Durand Wisconsin and Northwest Wisconsin
  • Other areas by arrangement

Qualification statements, resumes, recommendations and / or references are available upon request from the independent contractors.

We can do computer, knowledge and art designs for anywhere but not all services available in listed areas.

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Updated for 2013 - Vonage Review

 Help - convert FrontPage to Microsoft Expression Web 3 /4  

Norton Internet Security 2013 Review

 Norton 360 Review


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CrystalTech review of our favorite web hosting company and how to register a domain and registrar tips

Our PhotoImpact and CorelDraw Review

Our Vonage and Digital Phone VOIP review

Review of Purehost and other hosting companies

Review of Time Warner Internet Cable Modem Service

 We appreciate Time Warner of NY and NJ Customer Service but are disappointed with the internet speed . Road Runner Service in New York City

New Corel Draw 2019 and Corel Photo Paint 2019 Review

New Adobe Elements 8 Review

Developing - Microsoft Expression Web 3 / 4 and Expression Studio 3 / 4 review


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