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Help Protect Your Privacy Using the Internet

We Show You How to protect your personal information and your computer and network. 

Learn How To:

Know Your Cache

  • Every browsed internet page creates files in a folder known as your "cache".  The files are considered temporary.  Cache files stay on your computer until you clean it up.  (Or until the limit of the space you set in your browser is exceeded)
  • Threats to your cache -
  • Web Bugs, also known as Web Beacons - little picture files too tiny to see that are sent to you by web pages
  • Cookies - small files sent to you by web pages
  • Flash Cookies - .sol files stored in your user profile appdata folder

Know Your Software

  • Spyware - spying programs that come with or are hidden in software you buy or download
  • Adware - tracking programs that follow you around
  • Some software installation - may include or add spyware and Adware with programs you want

Know Your Email

  • Some Email attachments - can contain viruses or worms


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Things you can do to protect your privacy


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Get Firefox Browser.

It's faster, safer, and more secure than Internet Explorer

Get Firefox

Firefox can block Advertisements, cookies, Flash cookies and more with  the  "Adblocker Plus" and "Better Privacy " add-ons

Firefox will not affect the waly you use your computer and can be used simultaneously with Internet Explorer