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SONY rootkit and Sony's Windows PC Spyware

This information may be old news but Sony's Corporate attitude is pervasive in America's Large corporations.  Sony made amends for this but it is our opinion that this attitude is shared by companies like Adobe and others

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See the Sony End User License (EULA) here included with CD's containing the copy protection (DRM) spyware where,

Sony says, among other things, that the license to use the CD is rescinded if you declare bankruptcy or / and are insolvent.  I guess they don't want to be sued if you own a CD produced by Sony

Sony music labels began using a version of copy protection and digital rights management software known as a rootkit in about June 2005.  Rootkit software is installed on pc hard drives at a deep level where the software is invisible to most users.  

Sony's software makes the music CD's playable on the PC only with their player.  The software eliminates your "fair use" rights to play and copy the music and preventing you from copying your music to your IPod.  Further, the software monitors the music you play and reports the information across the internet back to Sony.

Anti Virus firms have identified Sony's rootkit software as spyware.  Trojan horse hackers have written software code exploiting the rootkit and wrecking havoc on pc's.

Sony was initiallly unrepentant, at first doing nothing.  A "patch" has been made available on Sony's website but it was only available to those who jump through hoop to register for the software.  Even after downloading the patch will only run on the computer where the software is registered and downloaded.

The only acknowledgement to it's customers has been an "we apologize any inconvenience we may have caused".

Some music may be Sony's intellectual property but it is our PC's Sony has messed up.  Sony has taken no steps to remove the infected CD's from stores - its only response has been to announce that it will stop manufacturing the PC's using the spyware rootkit.  A more responsible reaction would be a product recall - Sony has announced that there are at least 20 titles with this spyware.

This “Sony Worm” is the straw that has broken this camel’s back because I have been infected. I would hope that Sony, and other media companies that intend to limit my rights are listening. My opinions have especially hardened since Sony has been unrepentant about having messed up my PC.

I am a avid CD and digital music buyer. but have never used a peer to peer network (sharing songs) and never burned a CD other than for personal use in the car

Sony’s rootkit personifies all these issues. I am fed up with DRM (digital rights management), the RIAA and having no rights as a consumer. I am fed up with no rights under most software End User License Agreements (EULA). I am fed up with Congress granting these rights. I have written both my state and federal senators and representative about these issues.

I  have a Sony amplifier, over 10 years old:, it has reached an end of its expected life. I will replace it soon, with another brand. I have Sony branded media such as CDs, DVDs and even cassettes and floppies. I will not purchase Sony branded media again. I recently purchased a Sony DVD player – I have taken it back to the retailer. I own a Sony branded VCR player and a Sony branded TV; I am in the market for a new TV – the new TV will not be Sony

Being a small business consultant, here are the things I've done to make these issues known.

First, my largest client has 60 users – I have posted similar opinions of the Sony worm issue on the client’s intranet. Second, I consult with other businesses, most just 1 to 10 users, every one of these clients know  about the Sony rootkit worm and Sony’s attitude. This site has about 3000 unique users a month, opinions of the worm and these issues  is posted here. Fourth, 2 of my clients, home users, were in the market for laptops, They “just had to have a Sony”– Vaio PC.  They have chosen other brands.  And I wonder - how can we trust our privacy if we do buy a Sony Vaio PC?

Beware all of these Sony / BMG Music Labels Arista Records BMG Classics BMG Heritage BMG International Companies Columbia Records Epic Records J Records Jive Records LaFace Records Legacy Recordings Provident Music Group


Root Kit delivered in Sony's DRM on CD


- Sony has offered replacement CD's in 2005 when security researchers investigated this issue.

- Other businesses share this corporate attitude


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