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Review: Corel Video Studio Pro X5 aka Video Studio 15

Our New Review for Corel Video Studio Pro X5 in May 2012

We actually use this product and purchased the Corel Video Studio Ultimate X5 version to get the add-ons.  This is a review of Video Studio Pro X5 ultimate too.

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We Love Corel Video Studio x5 - highly recommended.

NEW! 5 Minute video to get started quickly in Video Studio Pro

It is our opinion that this is the best consumer Video editor on the market.  We are not a paid reviewer, we actually use Video Studio Ultimate X5

Video Studio X5 deserves to be a Hit! VideoStudio 15 is perfect for those just beginning in video editing and it is powerful enough for advanced users.  We use it for our professional web sites output too!

We needed a productive video editor when we found Adobe Elements Premiere 8, 9 and 10 to be dogs and Corel VideoStudio Pro is it. (see our Adobe Elements 10 Review).  Our personal take, and perspectives from some other reviewers, is that Elements has not gotten better over time

This Corel product upgrade from VideoStudio X4 to X5 is great.  The interface is similar but the performance and options are improved in VideoStudio X5.  We loved version X3 with the exception of the clunky and frustrating "easy edit" (we hated easy edit) and we loved X4. .  And now we believe that Video Studio X5 is the best

Our first version of VideoStudio Pro was purchased from Ulead in about 2008.  The product has been improved with each version since and VideoStudio x5 is a MUST upgrade from version VideoStudio 12, X3 and X4.  If you have and use any these earlier versions, do yourself a favor and upgrade.

VideoStudio Pro is a great consumer value, we recommend it.  Once you use it you'll want to tell your friends too!

 This product is superior and much more user friendly than Adobe Premiere Elements.  FYI, Adobe Elements is notorious and widely known to have installation problems on SOME computers when Elements doesn't like your processor or video card and drivers (also, Elements constantly nags you to upgrade to their $50 a year add-on.  Adobe Elements constantly "calls home", contacting the mother ship, hence slowing your internet connection and computer)

Things we LIKE about Corel VideoStudio X5 :

  • We have never had an installation problem with VideoStudio
  • VideoStudio version 15 is stable; no crashes, no freezes.  It behaves as all software should.
  • A trial version is available for use for 30 days.  There is a 30 day money back guarantee after you purchase
  • We find Video Studio X5 a worthy upgrade from Video Studio X4, X3 or Video Studio X2.  If you want to easily create slide shows, edited videos, create DVDs, upload to YouTube: upgrade to this version
  • Video Studio 15 supports multiple monitors with more versatility than earlier versions
  • Corel Video Studio 15 adds more tracks for video, audio and text overlays
  • Its powerful yet relatively simple interface is a breeze to use
  • We were able to produce our first video in less than 10 minutes when we first started using VideoStudio
  • The interface is elegant in its simplicity and edit mode is excellent and intuitive. 
  • Mostly we like Corel Video Studio X5 because it is not a performance hog and use pain like Adobe Elements or Adobe Premiere.
  • Price / performance is much better than Adobe - save money - VideoStudio is better and cheaper than Adobe.
  • Templates have a tighter integration within edit mode
  • There are a lot more templates / fonts etc available for download in version 15
  • HTML 5 output is included in VideoStudio X5. Its the first video editor that we've seen with this option.  FYI - HTML 5 supports links within the video itself.
  • WinZip Pro was include free as part of our purchase
  • The interface is logical! and easy to learn
  • We have a two and one half year old AMD Athlon II x4 630 processor running at 2.8 GHz with 6 GB of ram, our performance is improved from VideoStudio X5, even more than X4. (Windows rates our system (out of 7.9 max) as: Memory - 7.2; Graphics - 6.8; Gaming graphic - 6.8; Hard disk - 5.9)
  • Producing an extensive video is fast once you are familiar with the interface.  We created a 30 minute DVD movie with over 10 section titles  in multiple tracks and a DVD menu (mixing over 200 image, titles and video files) in under 40 minutes.  The video took about 20 minutes to completely render as a "play anywhere" DVD
  • DVD creation allows you do combine multiple projects into one output.
  • Support options have returned (they are now fee based - hey, this is fair because this product is powerful and very inexpensive in relationship to its power and compared to Adobes support options).  Earlier versions had only "installation" support
  • We've  had the software for only 4 weeks, including the trial period, as we write this, and we are more pleased every time we use it (We purchased the ultimate version after using the trial for just 2 days)
  • In 2012, Corel has a hit in VideoStudio 15, or at least it should.  It is very good software.

Things we DO NOT like about Corel Video Studio Pro X5 (VideoStudio 15):

  • Organizing and finding templates is still not intuitive (no change in this version)
  • The default / template folders etc.  Figuring out where your stuff is is a constant pain in the butt.
  • Corel VideoStudio X5 does not output .swf files (Adobe Shockwave format files - it DOES output Adobe flash .flv format)
  • HTML 5 projects must be started from a template that already exists or that you have created from saved template draft work.  It's an extra step that seems like a waste of processing time
  • Rendering a HTML5 project output is slower than we would like - maybe it is time to upgrade our computer machine.
  • Installation offers tool bars which we never use (a privacy issue) and WinZip (part of our purchase) installed Kaspersky system scanning security without us realizing it.  (WinZip offered us toolbars too)


Review of Corel Video Studio Pro X5 Also known as VideoStudio Pro 15


- We love it for its simplicity

- Video Studio 15 has a simplicity not found in Adobe Premiere Elements 10.

- Corel Video Studio X5 supports output for HTML 5

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