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Review: Corel Video Studio Pro X4 aka Video Studio 14

This is a review of an older version.  Please see our review of Corel Video Studio X5 aka as Video Studio 15

Full Review for Corel Video Studio Pro X4 - we actually use this product

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We Love it - highly recommended.  We needed a productive editor when we found Adobe Elements Premiere 8 to be a dog and Corel VideoStudio Pro is it. (see our Adobe Elements 8 Review).  We have not reviewed Adobe Elements 9 or Adobe Premiere 9.  Our take, from other reviewers, is that it is not a worthy upgrade from version 8 nor does version 9 improve in performance.

Our opinion here also applies to Corel Video Studio Pro 12.  The functionality is similar but the performance and interface is improved in VideoStudio X4.  We hated version X3 but you can see an archive of the review here.

VideoStudio Pro  was purchased from Ulead in about 2008.  The product has been improved since.

Its a good consumer value, we recommend it.  This product is superior and much more user friendly than Adobe Premiere Elements

Note:  We received a remark from a registered user that there may be known compatibility issues with Video Studio X3 and Core i7. We do not know if the Core i7 compatibility is fixed in version X4 .  Please do your research before you buy.

Things we LIKE about Corel VideoStudio X4 :

  • Trial version available and 30 day money back guarantee
  • We find Video Studio X4 a worthy upgrade from Video Studio X3 or Video Studio X2.  If you do more than 3 videos a year, upgrade to this version
  • Video Studio 14 supports multiple moitors
  • It's powerful yet relatively simple interface is a breeze to use
  • We were able to produce our first video in less than 10 minutes without using Easy Edit
  • Full Edit mode is excellent and intuitive. 
  • Mostly we like Corel Video Studio X4 because it is not a performance and use pain like Adobe Elements  or Adobe Premiere - price / performance is much better than Adobe
  • "Easy Edit" mode has been removed from this version.  Hooray!
  • Templates have a tighter integration within edit mode
  • There are a lot more templates / fonts etc available for download in version 14

Things we DO NOT like about Corel Video Studio Pro X4 (VideoStudio 14):

  • The convenient (lets get started with a new video) wizard in Corel Video Studio X2 is still missing. 
  • Organizing and finding templates is not intuitive
  • The default / template folders etc. changed from version 12 to version 13 to version.  Figuring out where your stuff is is a constant pain in the butt.
  • Corel VideoStudio X4 does not output .swf files (Adobe Shockwave format files - it does output Adobe flash .flv format)


Review of Corel Video Studio Pro X4 Also known as VideoStudio Pro 14


- We love it for its simplicity

- Video Studio 14 getting a new video  started, last seen in Video Studio 12, is still missing

- However, the full edit version is much more productive making the easy edit mode almost moot

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